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If you’re part of a deregulated energy market, you should know that many electric companies in Texas are competing for your business. What’s that mean for you? Think more competitive rates, more packages and more companies to choose from.

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Why are there so many electric companies in Texas?

What comes to mind when you hear someone mention electricity companies in Texas? For years, it typically meant one thing: your local utility. Your utility company used to handle the majority of your home’s energy – from its packaging to its arrival in your home. In 2002, all of that changed. Texas policymakers enacted a law that divided the generation, supply and transmission of your electricity.

The results? Today, Texas residents living in deregulated markets are able to purchase their energy supply from one of many retail electric providers (REPs). While the utility still handles your infrastructure, such as the cables and power lines, your power supply is now handled by these separate electric companies in Texas.

Ultimately, this split works out in favor of the customer. Since the REPs vie for your patronage, each is constantly trying to gain a competitive advantage. Whether that means more affordable rates, more inclusive packages or more impressive service, customers now benefit from the perks and promotions electricity companies in Texas can offer.

Choose wisely between electric companies in Texas

When you’re shopping around for electricity companies in Texas, you’ll want to have a way to compare your options. The easiest way to formulate a basis of comparison is by thinking about what kind of rate you’ll want. Generally, retail energy providers split their rates into two types:

A variable-rate plan allows your billing rate to fluctuate over the course of your contract. With a variable-rate plan, electricity companies in Texas will adjust your rate from time to time depending on the status of the energy market. That means when the market price goes up, you could end up paying more on your energy bill. Conversely, if the market price goes down, you could end up paying less.

A fixed-rate plan ties your billing rate to a number you agree on at the beginning of your contract. Under a fixed-rate plan, you won’t have to worry about tracking unpredictable ups and downs of the energy market. The main thing that will affect your energy bill is how much electricity you use over the duration of a billing cycle. Electric companies in Texas offer fixed-rate plans in terms ranging from three months up to five years.

Electric companies in Texas: Find yours today!

At ShopElectricityRatesTexas.com, we’re on your side. Our goal is to give you a rundown of the leading electric companies in Texas so you can choose the right one for your home or business. Compare the offers at hand and find your new energy provider with our help.

Top 5 Tips for
Electricity Shoppers

  1. Vote with Your Dollar - competition for your business inspires innovation
  2. Shop Smart - choose products, terms and service that meet your needs
  3. Conserve Energy at Home - lower usage means lower bills
  4. Look for Fixed Rates - they may give you long-term protection
  5. Read the Fine Print - make sure your monthly rate isn't promotional only